Accessorise them

High quality paper cup accessories


Keep your customers safe from hot beverages with our range of cup sleeves. They come in three different sizes to accommodate the cups that best fit your needs. The design makes the sleeves easy to hold and to fit on the paper cup.
Do your clients regularly order more than one cup at a time? The two and four piece carriers make it even easier for them to receive and transport the cups. Ideal for large orders, the carriers will ensure a good customer experience.

Kraft sleeve
Product: Kraft sleeve
Available sizes: 80mm (for 8oz/230ml) 90mm (for 12oz/330ml and 16oz/450ml)
Pieces/sleeve: 100
Pieces/box: 1000
Wood stirrer
Product: Wood stirrer
Available sizes: 14cm
Pieces/sleeve: 1000
Pieces/box: 1000
2 part_carrier
Product: 2part carrier
Pieces/sleeve: 300
Pieces/ box: 600
Product: Straw
Length:: 25cm
Pieces/sleeve: 500
4 part_carrier
Product: 4 part carrier
Pieces/sleeve: 150pcs
Product: Straw
Length:: 24cm
Pieces/sleeve: 1000